Will my stone last forever?
Yes. With proper maintenance and care your stone will last for many generations.
Can I use marble for a kitchen countertop?
Yes. However, marble requires much more care and maintenance then granite. Marble scratches, stains, and dulls easier because it is much “softer” then granite. This will require you to seal your tops more frequently and more care must be used.
Will you assist me with selecting a quality material?
Yes. We can assist you throughout the entire process. We have designers that can escort you to our yards and assist you in selecting the proper material for your project.
Can you install on the weekends?
Yes. Our installation teams can in “certain situations” on weekends. In most cases, our delivery and installations occur during the week.
Do you make service calls?
Yes. For a nominal fee, we can provide service calls to individuals that need assistance in maintaining their stone.
Can you template without the kitchen or vanity cabinets installed?
No. Your base cabinets must be installed completely in order to accurately template your countertops.
If I do not have the sink or sink template available, will you still be able to manufacture my countertop or vanity?
Yes. We have almost all sink templates that are manufactured.
How do I get started?
Simply call, email, or fax your layout and contact information and we will contact you shortly.
How long will it take to order and have the finished stone installed?
It depends on the scope of the project. For an average size kitchen, you can expect your tops to be installed in less than 2 weeks after templating.